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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Simple Fx in Photoshop

Hello everyone,today im gonna show you an easy way to add some fx to your comic art.
First you need the art you will be adding the fx to.Im goin to be using this pic of the Silver Surfer that i found on the internet to save some time.
Next you need an Fx pic.Now these are really easy to create,but can be very cool,and you can make them as elaborate as you want them to be.Here is the one i created,nothing crazy but it'll do the job.
Now,open both pics in Adobe Photoshop.
Position the Fx pic over his arm,like so.
Now simply change the Layer Style of the Fx  to Screen,and Presto!!
You can also play with the hue and saturation,and add a second one to the other arm if you like.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Photoscape for Windows

I don't know very much about this program,only that a lot of people seem to think its a cool little program.Not very spectacular,but if you don't need a program like photoshop,which can be a bit hard to navigate if your new to it,you might like it.This little photo editing software is very easy to use,however it limits you to one picture at a time,and doesn't have all the power of other editing softwares.but it is FREE!
For more info and download-

Friday, May 13, 2011

Giant Size Cover

When i was younger one of the coolest comics to me,were the giant sized comics that seamed to never end.Sixty eight pages of comic awesomeness!! Usually something really cool happened in these issues .Secret origin,crossover,or something important in the story line. Here i have created an old Giant Sized comic to make your own.Fully editable,just add your art!! Again you'll have to have some Fonts similar to the ones i have.Enjoy,comment,request,follow keep checking in for new ones

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I'm not gonna blab about the importance of sound effects in comics.If your a true comic fan you know how important they are.Ive noticed alot of sound packs around,mostly for sale . So i figured i would create a couple and offer them for free for those who would like to have them.if i have time i will create more,depending if i get some feed back or requests for more so if you like em use ,if you distribute give credit,if you want more let me know.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Illustrator Lineart Brush

Here is a Very cool Brush For illustrator that i use all the time when im drawing in Illustrator.Its a brush created by Jimro and its really great for getting that comic look.The Cool thing about drawing in illustrator is that there is no need for inking because its a vector program ,so once i finish my drawings i import and color in photoshop,download the brush below and place the .ai-file in
/Adobe illustrator/Presets/Brushes/  and restart illustrator

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Quick Ink In adobe Illustrator

Some times our schedules can be very limited,ok extremely limited!! Here is a method i learned some time ago,which is incredibly easy,let me say that again,insanely easy to do!! First of All you have to have Adobe Illustrator,if you don't then obviously it wont work,as this is a preset.

First of course open Illustrator and open your sketch,i will be using one of my Original Character, drawn by my good friend Carl Bonomo.
Second select your art work and press the live trace button on the top middle of Illustrator,next to the expand button.
As you can see its inks it instantly!! Now simply go to the drop window of the presets and choose Comic Art!See i said that was easy!!!! Now, you may have to mess with the settings to get the look you want,but as you will see that is very easy swell.And you Can Alway use the brushes to touch it up!

And here is the finished result after a couple minor touch ups,adjustments and colored in photoshop
hopes this helps some of you.

Sprite Comics

Recently i found out of a cool concept called Sprite Comics. I imagine they aren't a new trend but i thought them to be cool nonetheless.So i was gonna try to explain what they are but i was pressed for time so this will have to do.

Sprite comics are webcomics that use computer sprites, often taken from video games, for significant portions of their artwork. There are also animated sprite comics (called sprite cartoons) where each "strip" is a separate mini-movie, animated using technologies such as Flash.
The comic Neglected Mario Characters is generally considered the first sprite comic to appear on the web.[1] It began as a spin-off feature from the Super Mariofansite Super Mario Headquarters.
The first sprite comic to gain widespread popularity was Bob and George, which played a substantial role in the sudden popularity of sprite comics. It is often mistakenly identified as the first sprite comic. The strip utilizes sprites from the Mega Man series of games, with most of the characters being taken directly from the games. Due to the popularity of the comic, many of its features have been frequently emulated by other sprite comics, and thus are often labeled as cliché. Such features include having extremely stupid characters, a character representing the author, and making fun of the strip itself.
Sprite comics frequently use characters from well-known games such as SonicSuper Mario Bros.Final FantasyMortal KombatMetroidThe Legend of Zelda,PokémonMega Man, and Dragon Ball. Some sprite comics use sprites from several different games. In addition to or instead of video game sprites, some comics use original sprites created specifically for the comic.
Sprite comics have become very popular in large part due to the ease of creating a sprite comic, since minimal artistic skill is required. Sprites can easily be ripped from game ROMs using an emulator, or by using sprites from websites that collect sprites for public use. Comics can then be created using a simple image editor. Video game sprites are often designed to be animated, and thus often provide a wide variety of character poses, as well as being easily editable due to their simple design. Sprite comics also give the author the opportunity to parody the game from which the sprites are derived using the game's actual characters.