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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Simple Fx in Photoshop

Hello everyone,today im gonna show you an easy way to add some fx to your comic art.
First you need the art you will be adding the fx to.Im goin to be using this pic of the Silver Surfer that i found on the internet to save some time.
Next you need an Fx pic.Now these are really easy to create,but can be very cool,and you can make them as elaborate as you want them to be.Here is the one i created,nothing crazy but it'll do the job.
Now,open both pics in Adobe Photoshop.
Position the Fx pic over his arm,like so.
Now simply change the Layer Style of the Fx  to Screen,and Presto!!
You can also play with the hue and saturation,and add a second one to the other arm if you like.

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