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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Quick Ink In adobe Illustrator

Some times our schedules can be very limited,ok extremely limited!! Here is a method i learned some time ago,which is incredibly easy,let me say that again,insanely easy to do!! First of All you have to have Adobe Illustrator,if you don't then obviously it wont work,as this is a preset.

First of course open Illustrator and open your sketch,i will be using one of my Original Character, drawn by my good friend Carl Bonomo.
Second select your art work and press the live trace button on the top middle of Illustrator,next to the expand button.
As you can see its inks it instantly!! Now simply go to the drop window of the presets and choose Comic Art!See i said that was easy!!!! Now, you may have to mess with the settings to get the look you want,but as you will see that is very easy swell.And you Can Alway use the brushes to touch it up!

And here is the finished result after a couple minor touch ups,adjustments and colored in photoshop
hopes this helps some of you.

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